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SINGAYE 4-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit Shelf Organizer,Storage Shelves Heavy Duty, Metal Organizer Wire Rack Garage Shelving,Black(21.6L x 14W x 43.3H Inch)

  • 4-shelf shelving units for your,office, balcony,4-shelf closet shelving for your bathroom ,bedroom.
  • Closet storage shelves each shelf holds up to 88 pounds,4 tier closet shelf total max load weight is 352 pounds.closet shelving each layer is 12.9 inch high.
  • closet organizers and storage shelves not adjustable, wire shelf each layer is 12.9 inch high,Very easy to install, better stability,The tube of the closet shelves is made of high-quality carbon steel, which will not fade for a long time.
  • Product shelf organizer dimensions :21.6L x 14W x 43.3 inches (LxWxH).Large capacity, easier to use than cabinets,as a metal shelves, can be placed in the bedroom or living room to store clothes or hats, and it is also suitable for placing in the gap, making full use of space.
  • With pipe sleeve installation, can also easily install the wire shelving ,no tools required.

    1.shelving unit characteristics, using environmentally friendly paint, waterproof and rust-proof, large capacity, better than cabinets.
    2.shelving units and storage used in the bathroom, it can enhance the value of the bathroom space, and make big changes in small corners to make the bathroom tidy and orderly.
    3. Each layer of the cubby closet shelving has an edge structure to prevent items from slipping off and store items more safely.Can also be used as a plant shelf indoor to place pots.
    4.The closet racks and pipes of storage rack are painted with environmental protection and are not easy to rust.
    5.Wide range of rack shelf applications
    The shelving unit is placed in the kitchen as cubby shelving can hold everything from canned food and bulk food to pots and pans, stand mixers, dishes and bowls. In the living room, the wire shelf can beautifully display books, magazines, board games, etc. In an office environment, it can help keep files, documents, and supplies organized.The closet shelf has enough versatility and can be used in other types of rooms. For small dormitory rooms, as closet shelf organizer make use of the available vertical space for clothes, snacks, and textbooks, metal shelving can be placed in small corners to help save space.

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